Manang residents have chartering helicopters to travel to safer place

Manang residents have chartering helicopters to travel to safer locations. They relocated to a safer place since the community had become unsafe due to the relentless rains and landslides occurring since last week.

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Fishtail AS350B3e Helicopter at Manang,

Manangs locals began arriving in Lamjung, Kathmandu, and Pokhara after the rains, and the danger has remained till today. Bishnu Ghale, 35, Chandrakashi Gurung, 32, Sanjay Gurung, 31, Savina Gurung, 14, and Pukar Gurung, 22, Siranchowk, Gorkha, arrived in Lamjung today by helicopter reservation from Manang.

“We arrived at Bensishahar by chopper from Manang Tache at the cost of Rs 20,000 each person,” Vishnu Ghale said. However, he asserts that coming in this manner is not in our best interests; instead, it is a must.

He said that other rural residents and we have been flying to Lamjung and Kathmandu by helicopter.

Bishnu Lamichhane, Chief Area Officer of Manang, said that people who can afford are travelling outside the district by private helicopter.

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