Maroomba Airlines receives its maiden Q300 aircraft.

Maroomba Airlines of Western Australia has welcomed the foremost de Havilland Canada DHC-8-Q300 in its fleet. The maiden Q300 added to Maroomba’s aircraft line is 18.9 years old. Registered as OY-CJY, it was operated by ANA Wings on the period between 2002 and 2012. Afterward, Wideroe used the aircraft between 2012 and August 2020. The turboprop owned by Nordic Aviation Capital was ferried to Billund in April 2021 after a long duration of storage at Bodo. It was again moved to repaint its livery to East Midlands on June 10, 2021.

The aircraft was repositioned for maintenance at Exeter and was delivered after its upkeep via Genoa, Heraklion, Cairo International, Bahrain International, Muscat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore International, Hambantota, Banda Aceh, Jakarta Halim, and Port Hedland to make the planned delivery flight to Perth International Airport, over five days, i.e., September 8-13, 2021.

The aircraft had originally planned to fly Exeter-Genoa-Heraklion on August 30, 2021, but the MSN 592 DHC-8-314 OY-CJY of Maroomba remained for maintenance at Exeter.

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The aircraft will get the registration VH-QQH in Australia soon, replacing the previous OY-CJY, but the registration hasn’t happened yet. The date of operation commencement by DHC-8-Q-300s and an overall number of Q300s Maroomba will receive hasn’t been publicized yet. However, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8-Q300 has now joined the current fleet of 3 DCH-8-100s operated by Maroomba Airlines. Maroomba owns two of its 8-100s, and one has been dry-leased from PNG Air. The other aircraft operated by it include two Beech 1900Ds. All these five aircraft operate charter services across Western Australia.

DHC-8-Q300 Aircraft

Bombardier Aerospace De Havilland introduced DHC-8-Q300 in 1998 that can fly at the maximum cruise speed of 528km/hr. It is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW12B engines. The turboprop regional airliner can carry about 50 to 56 passengers. The Q300 aircraft has a large fuselage and is fitted with added wingtips and a Bombardier noise and vibration suppression system (NVS).

De Havilland Canada DHC-8-314Q Dash 8 has installed a dual-control cockpit with the Honeywell avionics system. Q300 has been designed with conventional and power-assisted flight control along with the stretched version of the Q200 fuselage. The long passenger cabin of DHC-8-Q300 can be configured in single-aisle; it can carry up to 50 passengers in standard seating or be arranged to accommodate 56 passengers in economy class seating. The air conditioning units ensure comfort for passengers. The cabin can be configured for government officials, VIP cabin layouts, freight, and mixed passenger and freight layouts.

The aircraft has the capability to access the airport with limited infrastructures as its airstairs door is fitted on the port side of the cabin forward of wings.

Maroomba Airlines

Maroomba Airlines is an Australian airline headquartered in Perth Airport, founded in 1985. It operates ad hoc charter services connecting Perth with regional Western Australia and beyond as an air charter company. It aims to provide a safe, reliable, and cost-effective air transport service at the forefront of the Western Australian aviation sector. Operating fly-in fly-out mining charter contracts, the airline avails the aircraft with minimum notice for those in need of charter or regular flights.

Its fleet of Bombardier Dash 8-100 can carry up to 36 passengers providing short field performance with a spacious 2×2 seating configuration. The aircraft has the facilities of a galley, baggage storage, and lavatory, along with air conditioning units. It can travel at the maximum speed of 460km//hr at the maximum altitude of 25000 ft.

Similarly, Beechcraft B1900D aircraft is a 19 seat passenger plane designed to be used as a regional airliner. It can cater to the passengers in all weather conditions from airports that have short runways. The air-conditioned and pressurized cabins and twin-engine fixed-wing are the features of this aircraft which can fly up to 25000 ft with the speed of 489km/hr.

Services offered by Maroomba Airlines

Maroomba Airlines offers a wide range of flexible and convenient air travel services to many locations across Western Australia. Be it once-off charter or FBO services; it allows flexibility and freedom for customers to travel without stress.

  1. Charter services

The charter services of Maroomba Airlines ensure a private and confidential environment while letting customers set their schedules and destination airports.

  • Aircraft management

The carrier offers aircraft management services to aircraft owners regarding consultancy work in selecting the right aircraft, operation, maintenance, and management of airplanes following government regulations.

  • Cargo services

Maroomba Airlines also specializes in the transportation of urgent cargo on time and within budget.

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