Massive Renovation work going on NAC Hangar Facility

Massive Renovation work going on NAC Hangar Facility

April 21, 2017-TIA

National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Hangar Facility work is going under massive renovation. The Complete renovation work of the Hangar Facility is under the Supervision of Engineering Director of NAC, Er. Poshak Gnawali.

The renovation project is worth 10 Million and will be completed within a couple of month. The Hangar currently can accommodate narrow body aircraft including the domestic fleet. NAC has also been providing the maintenance service to the domestic airline operator of the Country.

According to the Engineering Director of NAC Er Poshak Gnawali, the renovation work includes destruction of ground floor along with the construction of new floor with improved quality, floor leveling; replacement of new roof top on the Hangar and installation of new wiring and lighting system. The outer body of Hangar will now be renovated by leveling and coating the body with painting job.

Mr. Gnawali also noted that NAC will be doing auction of unusable tools, equipment, spares lying in hanger. The auction will be carried out to those tools and equipment of Historical Aircraft; Avro, Boeing 727, Pilatus porter aircraft etc. This will be the first time that Nepal Airlines will be announcing the auction in the history of Engineering Department of NAC.

Nepal Airlines new hangar project is on the initial phase of agreement with the Chinese Government. The new Hangar can accommodate wide body along with the narrow body aircraft. CAAN has granted land to NAC for new hangar at East Helipad near Buddha Air hangar.

Nepal Airlines was established on 1st of July, 1958 through the help of Nepal Airlines Corporation Act. It was first termed as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation (RNAC) and was the first airline company to operate the Hangar Facility in Nepal. Later, the named was changed as Nepal Airlines Corporation.

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