Members of IOE to Visit NUAA at China to have official meeting

A team of 7 faculty members from IOE Pulchowk are having official meeting and academic presentation hosted by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) from 25th October 2018 to 29th October 2018, at Nanjing, PR China among which three members are the aerospace faculties at IOE-Pulchowk.

The faculties will introduce the development of the aerospace curriculum and infrastructure at IOE, as well as the past and present aerospace and aviation-related academic and research activities conducted in the institute. The high-level team will be led by IOE-Pulchowk Campus Chief Prof. Dr. Gokarna Bahadur Motra, accompanied by the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Nawraj Bhattarai, Prof. Dr. Laxman Poudel, Dy. HOD’s Mr. Rudra Mani Ghimire and Mr. Hari Bahadur Dura along with two aerospace faculties Mr. Aayush Bhattarai and Mr. Kamal Darlami and will depart from Kathmandu for the meeting on 24th October 2018.

Since 2014, IOE Pulchowk has consistently offered specialization courses in aerospace and aviation to its final-year B.E. Mechanical students, while finally introducing B.E. Aerospace this year under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The 4-year program will be run entirely under the department and the aerospace faculty at IOE-Pulchowk. Currently, the aerospace faculty has 3 full-time faculty members, while a fourth member was recently selected to join the faculty.

During these past years, the aerospace faculty and its students have published over a dozen research articles, and presented at high-level conferences in the United States. In addition, the faculty has been able to initiate research collaborations with several international universities. Researchers at IOE Pulchowk, along with aviation experts in Nepal, have worked with the Key Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory in NUAA since 2016, with support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, collaboratively publishing 3 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

The faculty has also established a basic High-Performance Computing facility and a Subsonic Wind-Tunnel experimental facility, while in 2017 a huge number of laboratory resources for Airframe and Combustion and Avionics were received from Nepal Airlines Corporation. To support its advanced research endeavors in the field, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IOE-Pulchowk also started the research-intensive postgraduate program, Master of Science in Mechanical Systems Design and Engineering, in 2016.

During the workshop, the IOE aerospace faculties will discuss with their NUAA counterparts regarding the opportunities for future research, academic and training collaborations in the fields of experimental aerodynamics, aviation, structural health monitoring, high-performance computing, non-destructive testing techniques, and propulsion systems. IOE-Pulchowk is currently working to establish research facilities as well as training resources in all the aforementioned branches aerospace and aviati

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