Available data for VNKT from the past hour
VNKT 221350Z 35003KT 6000 -TSRA FEW015 FEW025CB SCT030 BKN100 18/16 Q1016 NOSIG CB TO SW W NW N NE AND E

13:50 UTC

Wind: 350° 3kt

Visibility: 6000 m

Sky: FEW 1500 ft

Temp: 18 deg C / 64.4 deg F

Dewpoint: 16 deg C / 60.8 deg F

Pressure: 1016 hPa

TAF VNKT 221100Z 2212/2312 11008KT 6000 FEW015 SCT025 BKN100 PROB40 2212/2214 VRB10KT 4000 -TSRA FEW025CB BECMG 2213/2215 13005KT 6000 FEW015 SCT025 BKN100 BECMG 2300/2302 VRB02KT 5000 BR/HZ FEW010 SCT025 BKN100 PROB40 2301/2303 3000 BR BECMG 2304/2305 12003KT 5000 BR FEW015 SCT025 BKN100 BECMG 2307/2309 24008KT 8000 FEW015 SCT100 PROB30 2310/2312 13010KT 6000 -TSRA FW025CB BKN100

WARNING: the data listed  above is for informational purposes only and should be confirmed from official sources. Data presented here on this page are fetched from Aviation weather data from NOAA’s Aviation Digital Data Service.

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