MH370 searchers again gear up in quest of finding the missing Boeing 777

Search vessel Seabed Constructor of Ocean Infinity which is searching the Malaysian flight MH370 that vanished surprisingly in midair on March 2014, is set to head back to Western Australia to change its crew, refuel and pick up supplies after venturing north of 30°S in its quest to find the missing Boeing 777.

The vessel searched 25,000 sq. km zone favored as a potential crash site by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and other experts and completed its search of a second site and has been working on Site 3. The MH370 response team has now added a fourth site extension to its search map that implies Ocean Infinity will continue searching to the north-east of the original extension sites if necessary.

The vessel has searched different anomalies which looked like the aircraft but rather discovering them to be different geographical structures. The search has been in less terrible area since moving on to the Broken Ridge Plateau and there is still a possibility the plane that disappeared with 239 passengers and crew en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing will be found.

Till now after 4 years have already passed, the search is still based on theories about potential crash sites. Even the search has now covered more than twice the search area originally envisaged by global experts who met in Canberra in late 2016.

By April 22nd, a new MH370 Response team update said that the ship had searched 53,000 sq. km, including 11, 500 sq. km. within Site 3.

“No find no fee” contract was signed by Malaysian government with Texas based exploration company Ocean Infinity to find the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft  that would net the company $US70m if successful. This does not include the time spent traveling to and from port to refuel and take on new crew and supplies.

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