Mid air collision between two paragliders – along Chinese two were injured

Mid air collision between two para-gliders – along Chinese two were injured

Pokhara- the mid air collision between two gliders along passenger took place in Pokhara, one of them was Chinese tourist and another one Nepali pilot. This mishap occurred while glider was on the process of landing and suddenly collides with the next one.

Collision of both gliders occurred above 100 and 50 meter in the sky, while approaching for the landing. After the collision one was able to escape away and another one hit the ground, injuring both Chinese tourist and Nepali pilot. The injured pilot (Neupane) is even the operator of FLYING NEPAL.

This is the first historic accident between two gliders along passenger. Most often the accidents took place in past were on solo flight. According to Sobita Baniya “vice president” of Nepal Air Sports Association, mishap occurred between two gliders while one of them was about to land in Palme.

According to Baniya, the gliders were one of the flying Nepal and another of hanuman paragliding companies, which were collided along two passengers. After the mid air collision occurred, the people who were injured named 35 years Cheat Parasad Neupane and Chinese tourist named Jhung Hui Lean, according to the Kaski police spokesman DSP kenda Rajaurele information.

The treatment of injured pilot Neupane is running on the grand hospital in Kathmandu. Neupane has been badly injured in his keens. Chinese tourist is now undergoing treatment at fishtail hospital in Pokhrara, his hand is also been broken according to the Baniya. Neupane was brought to the Kathmandu on the charted helicopter.

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