Military Pilot’s fall from Helicopter at air show remains mystery

A pilot fell to his death from an army helicopter during a regiment open day demonstration in Belgium on Sunday. The military and police conducted their search for the body which lasted more than a day.

The co-pilot of the Agusta A109 helicopter was busy preparing the three paratroopers for jump and after their jump, he was looking out of the window to make sure that the paratroopers taking part in Sunday’s demonstration had landed safely. When he returned to cockpit, he was shocked to see the pilot’s seat empty and door wide open.

The co-pilot then took the controls and landed the helicopter safely. The search for the pilot, who fell several hundred meters in the incident on Sunday, was resumed on Monday after police and troops were forced to abandon their efforts at nightfall.

A body has been found in eastern Belgium which is suspected to be the pilot who fell from the helicopter. The reason for the pilot’s fall remains a mystery.

The sliding door alongside the pilot seat had been opened and the radio connection between the pilot and other crew members had been cut. Police are investigating the incident.


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