Ministry of Tourism has demanded an explanation from the NAC pilot

The Ministry of Tourism has demanded an explanation from the pilot who landed the flight in Nepalgunj, which was bound for Rukum.

Tourism Minister Prem Ale said that Captain Pemba Sherpa was asked for clarification on the incident.

On Monday, pilot Sherpa said that his duty was over before he reached his destination.

Ale said that he had instructed the executive chairman of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, Yuvraj Adhikari, to investigate the incident.

The pilot has been asked for an explanation. It has also been asked to investigate why such irresponsible acts were committed, ‘said Ale.

According to corporation sources, the aircraft carrying eight passengers flew from Tribhuvan Airport to Chaurajahari Airport in Rukum on Monday.

When he reached Nepalgunj, he dropped the passenger off, saying, “My duty is over.” The Nepal Airlines Corporation accommodated the passengers.

On Tuesday morning, the same aircraft carried passengers from Nepalgunj Airport to Rukum.

However, Captain Sherpa had gone home as he could not fly on time due to bad weather. The corporation again called him in the afternoon to fly the aircraft.

The Nepal Airlines Corporation, however, declined to comment on the incident.

Chief of Nepalgunj Airport Subash Jha said that he did not know when the Nepal Airlines plane arrived and where it had flown.

The manager of the corporation Nepalgunj Kiran Shrestha refused to give information about the incident.

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