Ministry preparing to finalize construction modality for Nijgadh Int’l Airport

The modality for the proposed Second International Airport (SIA) in Nijgadh will be approved by Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) after the discussion with the concerned stakeholders and Finance Minister.

On the program held on Monday, including Tourism Ministry, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and the Investment Board officials, has decided to set up the issue of Modality on the national pride project with the Finance Ministry.

Krishna Prasad Devkota, secretary of MoCTCA stated that all parties have expressed their views.

In the discussion, Public-Private Partnership model (PPP) is considered as the appropriate model for Nijgadh International Airport. Previously, the construction of some airport in PPP model has suggested logic that PPP model will be suitable for construction of Nijgadh airport.

Devkota said that some examples have been presented to select PPP model. However, the decision has not been made. He also informed that the model will be selected in November but the work will be completed a bit earlier.

After Minister of finance showed interest in national pride project, Ministry council has reached in a decision to select model after consultation. The authority has expected to carry out the project by demanding letter from interested international investors as it cannot be run by private investment.

Tourism Minister has proposed some foreign investors for construction, operation of Nijgadh Airport. American, Indian and Korean companies have organized informal proposals in the boot mode.

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