Ministry preparing to turf out CAAN’s Director General

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has exhorted 72 hours (3 Days) ultimatum to Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Mr. Sanjiv Gautam to illuminate all the condemnation applied to him.

Mr. Ghanshyam Upadhyaya, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson for Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation revealed the information to Aviation Nepal that following the sub-section of Section 19 of the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Act, Honorable Minister Jitendra Narayan Dev has bequeath the charges memo including-11 points yesterday afternoon to Mr. Gautam who must clarify it within three days.

The director general has been stated to clarify all the charges within 72 hours. Mr. Gautam is charged on the number of issues including the delay on the construction of Nijgadh Airport, delay on the construction of Pokhara Regional Int’l Airport, for not utilizing the airport development fare on the TIA up gradation, unsuccessful for resolving the unnecessary conflict between the Chinese contractors for the Gautam Buddha Airport construction project and inability to check rapid encroachment on its land in Bhaktapur from where Civil Aviation Academy is operating.

Director General has been charged with the number of regulatory and operational issues. As per the ministry, Mr. Gautam has been blamed for not using the airport development fee for up-gradating Tribhuvan International Airport which now is passing through lot of clumsy problems including the runway crack, parking congestion, etc.

Honorable Minister, in his letter has expressed disappointment with work done by the CAAN’s DG in his tenure. The minister also criticized CAAN and its DG for TIA’s improper response in, noted officials.

Mr. Gautam has the right to revoke all the charges filed on him however, he must be able to present the clarification within 72 hours.

Mr. Sanjiv Gautam was allotted in the seat of Director General of CAAN in May 2015. During the tenure, Gautam is attributed by the country’s aviation sector removed from International Civil Aviation Organization’s list of significant safety concerns, an airlines representative recounted.

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