Missing Malaysian Aircraft: MH-370 unlikely to be found towards south

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Photo: The Malaysian Insider

Missing Malaysian Aircraft: MH-370 unlikely to be found towards south

BBC – 20 December 2016

The Malaysian aircraft, MH-370 whose search is about to conclude soon, is unlikely to be found around the southern Indian Ocean where the search vessels have been looking in a 120,000 sq. km part.

The Australian Transportation Ministry stated that the search will not likely go beyond the scheduled end of January or February 2017.
The search which has been conducted the funding of Australia, Malaysia and China, will be postponed as in the latest report of the Australian Safety Bureau (ATSB) which is tasked to coordinate the search, stated that there is a high degree of confidence that the underwater areas searched to date does not contain the missing aircraft.

Experts recognized a new area of around 25,000 sq km to the north of the current search area that had the “utmost prospect” of holding the wreckage.

Their deduction was grounded on new flight simulations and analysis of satellite communications, as well as drift modelling patterns based on the timing and locations of the finding of debris.

Along the African coast, some debris pieces established to be from MH370 have been found and islands in the Indian Ocean by private citizens in latest months.

The experts also believed the plane was on an “unstable flight path” and that its wing flaps were in a retracted situation, in line with previous findings by the ATSB that the plane made a “swift and unrestrained descent”.

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