Missing Sikorsky S-92 helicopter of Irish Coast Guard

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Photo File

Missing Sikorsky S-92 helicopter of Irish Coast Guard

March 14, 2017-Ireland

A Sikorsky S-92 helicopter of Irish Coast Guard Rescue operators has been found missing today in Ireland.

The Dublin-based helicopter was missing off from the Mayo coast and the debris of the missing Sikorsky S-92 was spotted in the water and a search operation is ongoing by two RNLI lifeboats.

A team of four crew members was onboard in the missing helicopter out of which one has already been rescued.

A crewman has been deployed in the search for the missing crew of Irish Coast Guard air and sea rescue helicopter at the Co Mayo coast.

According to the online source, the rescued crewman was spotted by the Shannon-based Sikorsky S-92 helicopter and was rescued by a lifeboat.

The wreckage has been covering 8-10 km off Blacksod lighthouse in North Mayo for searching the missing team.

One of the authority officers of the search operation had reported that they don’t hold out much hope for finding the remaining missing crew.

The Coast Guard Helicopters in Ireland rescued 2,500 of lives each year but out of which one now only has debris floating at the Mayo Coast.

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