MoCTCA: 100-day action plan to be unveiled today


The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) is set to launch its 100-day action plan on Friday targeting the country’s tourism promotion and reforms in the aviation sector.

MoCTCA Minister, Mr. Rabindra Adhikari acknowledged that the 100-day work plan will primarily include immediate measures that the government will take to address setbacks in Nepal’s tourism industry, action plans to expedite construction of airports across the country, strengthen Nepal Airlines, address management issues at the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and cope with traffic congestion problems at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

Though the minister did not divulge all the details of the plan, Adhikari said that the 100-day action plan will be a roadmap for MoCTCA for the next three months.

“As the action plan will set some targets for the country’s aviation industry and the entire tourism sector, some tangible reformative changes will be witnessed over the next 100 days,” said Adhikari, adding that MoCTCA will also launch a one-year action plan after analyzing the success rate of 100-day action plan.

Sources at MoCTCA informed that the 100-day work plan will include issues related to the government’s plan of operating TIA for at least 21 hours per day, use other airports for flights to popular domestic destinations and various other measures to improve TIA’s air traffic management.

Likewise, the work plan of MoCTCA is also expected to incorporate government’s plan to purchase necessary additional rescue equipments to strengthen TIA’s rescue mechanism, develop MoCTCA’s website in Chinese and Indian languages to facilitate potential tourists from China and India and complete the construction of additional parking bays at TIA as soon as possible.

It is also expected that the 100-day work plan of MoCTCA will incorporate the government’s plan to add aircraft to Nepal Airlines Corporation fleet and increase its capacity.


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