MoCTCA advances proposal of appointing new Director General for CAAN

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) will acquire new Director General (DG) sooner or later as the proposal of doing so has been drafted to Election Commission for the approval. As per the preliminary information, Suresh Acharya who is the present Joint Secretary for Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) is expected to become the new DG for CAAN.

An Official from MoCTCA said, “The proposal of appointing Suresh Acharya as a new DG has already been signed by the ministry and is forwarded to Election Commission of Nepal for further approval.”

After the agreement approval from the Election Commission, the cabinet will finalize the decision of appointing Mr. Acharya for the honorary post of Director General.

Earlier, the MoCTCA exhorted 72 hours ultimatum to previous Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Mr. Sanjiv Gautam to illuminate all the condemnation applied to him which included number of issues including the delay on the construction of Nijgadh Airport, delay on the construction of Pokhara Regional Int’l Airport, for not utilizing the airport development fare on the TIA up gradation, unsuccessful for resolving the unnecessary conflict between the Chinese contractors for the Gautam Buddha Airport construction project and inability to check rapid encroachment on its land in Bhaktapur from where Civil Aviation Academy is operating.

Mr. Gautam presented his 22 pages clarification to MoCTCA along with 1700 supporting documents to Ministry within the 72-hours of the ultimatum from Ministry to revoke all the 11 charges applied to him. But Minister Dev decided to transfer Gautam to the ministry on September 27 saying that both of his clarifications were not satisfactory and again repealed his decision to assign Mr. Gautam a new responsibility as the coordinator of a study panel at the ministry.

After the tenure of Mr. Gautam being terminated, the Joint Secretary of MoCTCA Mr. Suresh Acharya is eying to secure the post of Director General.


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