MoFAGA directs to construct helipad according to instructed criteria

Ministry of Federal and General Administration (MoFAGA) has directed to construct all helipads in local level in same criteria. The ministry imposed the rule after local level administrations started constructing helipads as per their wish.

The government of Nepal had planned to construct a helipad in every village with the aim of providing effective rescue operation and evacuation in current fiscal year budget announcement. With the direction of MoFAGA, now every local level are bound to make helipads under 1 criteria.

Ministry has directed to construct helicopter as per country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN)’s Helipad construction and operation procedure 2075.

As per the procedure, the helipad should be open from all direction if possible and from 2 direction if not and there should not be any obstacles like big infrastructures, trees, hill etc. near helipad. The helipad surface should be flat and made from PCC with 20 centimeter stone soling and gravel.

The helipad should also be designed according to helicopter and the helipad design and construction report should be submitted to CAAN within 30 days. CAAN will determine whether the helipad will be able to operate or not through thorough inspection and the helipad will come into operation afterwards.

Director General of CAAN Mr. Sanjeev Gautam on a 2075/76 budget interaction program said that every village will be equipped with helipad if the local government (gaunpalika) requests CAAN. However, the construction cost is to be managed by the local authority as CAAN will only provide necessary technical assistance.

Helicopters have become the single most important mode of transport in the remote villages of Nepal.

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