Monkey gathers at Tribhuvan International Airport to welcome delegates

It’s not a new story to know about the animals penetrating the TIA. The penetration of animals at TIA has always been a headache for the authorities to manage. Recently, the news of Leopard entering TIA was widely covered by the media of Nepal. Likewise, aircraft are habituated of bird strike incident at the airport. Sometimes street dogs too make their arrival at the runway section reports some pilots.

Alike any other normal day at the airport, passengers along with delegates were shocked to see monkeys waiting for their arrival at Tribhuvan Airport. The incident took place on 10 of August when monkeys gathered and penetrated the airport during the arrival of Sushma Swaraj honorable foreign minister of India at TIA.

The airport has always been defamed due to its poor hospitality and security reasons. Penetration of animals at the airport has added butter to the fire. At normal day the presence of animals would have been though neglected but what were TIA authorities doing being known about the arrival of the VVIP. The incident is matter of shame for the whole nation with such negligence made by the authorities being the host.

TIA authorities do not seem bothering to handle such incidents taking place rapidly. At one hand incident like this defame the nation and at the others it threatens the passengers to travel using the marking security percussion. Animals surely cause insecurity to all aircraft, passenger and airport staff. So, the airport already being defamed by its pathetic worst service seems to cause trauma for the passengers with such issues.

Being the only international airport, passengers from across the globe enters the country through the airport. So with the incident like this taking place in regular manner it’s obvious that the airport has defamed country’s integrity with its degrading facility. It’s a matter of shame for both nation and the airport authorities with the incident taking place repeatedly.

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