More than RS 130 Million spent to rescue 187 Nepalis from Wuhan

58th report of the Accountant General shows that more than Rs 130 million was spent on rescuing 187 Nepalis from Wuhan, China on 2020.

The government had rescued Nepalis living in China at its own expense. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation had paid Rs 40.49 million to rescue 187 Nepalis.

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After being rescued, Rs. Seventy million has been spent for the construction of quarantine and the purchase of necessary materials for quarantine at the Nepal Electricity Authority training center at Kharipati. The expenses include purchasing a toothbrush, heater dryer, shampoo, diary, quarantine bed, and other items.

Similarly, the report states that the Nepal Army has spent Rs 5.5 million for food and Rs 6.67 million to purchase various medicines for 17 days from March 28 to March 31. Adding all these expenses, a total of Rs. 132.847 million has been spent on rescuing 187 people.



According to the Accountant General, the relief amount is Rs. 710,000 per person, which is very expensive.

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