Motion Pro II- Single Device:  Dual Virtual Platform

Motion Pro II- Single Device:  Dual Virtual Platform

For home flight simulator fanatics, the CXC Simulations Motion Pro II offers not only a realistic visual display and motion system for airplanes and helicopters but also a practical and fun racecar simulation. The Motion Pro II can be switched from car to aircraft mode in about two minutes. Prices start at about $55,000.

The setup comes equipped for full racecar simulation and thus has three pedals- for gas, brake and clutch – and a mount on which the steering wheel and some indicators rest. In airborne, the two outside pedals (gas and clutch) function as rudder pedals. Motion is driven in two axes-pitch and roll – via actuators attached to the seat, and there is controlled vibration as well.


CXC uses X-Plane software for the flight simulation and also works with PilotEdge’s live ATC (Air Traffic Control) to provide real-time air traffic control services to the sim flier.

CXC founder Chris Considine sees an opportunity to develop flight simulation entertainment centers, where a bank of Motion Pro IIs would be set up for customers to battle each other in multi-player air combat simulations or race each other in Reno or Red Bull – style pylon races. The simulators could easily be switched to car mode for driving contests and training. “It’s about removing the barriers to entry and making it scalable,”Considine said. “You could have a four-airplane race through the Grand Canyon. But not in real life.”


According to CXC the device is made from laser-cut steel, billet aluminum, carbon-fiber and titanium, and has racecar components such as the seat, steering wheel and switches.



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