Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the easiest and the most sophisticated way to immerse yourself in the austere beauty and marvel at the sheer scale and majesty of several eight-thousanders.

One such spectacular place in Nepal is Everest Region, home to Earth’s highest mountain-Mount Everest. While it’s a dream of many people to get the unrivaled experience of standing on the top of the world, the journey to Everest is certainly not easy.

This helicopter tour is an ideal way to celebrate the overwhelming opulence of world-class mountains and curate lasting memories. Everest Base Camp, the doorway to the highest point on Earth, is the hidden paradise of the Himalayas encircled with grand vistas of elegant mountains, astounding wilderness, and spectacular scenery. A helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp fills your heart with adventure spirit and enriches your authentic Himalayan experience with the face-to-face view of the giant peaks in the world.

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  • Brief introduction

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a 1-day heli-ride to the roof of the world where you’ll savor the brilliance and magnificence of Everest massifs and get an opportunity to mark an unforgettable stamp in your memory to cherish forever. It is a 4-5hour thrilling excursion to the base of Mount Everest which starts from Kathmandu, the eclectic capital city of Nepal. Most of the Everest Base Camp heli-tours begin an exhilarating aerial journey from Kathmandu and land at Lukla Airport for refueling before making a full circuit to the Everest region. Lukla, the tiny Himalayan settlement at 9,383 feet, is the point of entry and exit for mountain climbers and your first place to get a glimpse of indigenous Sherpa culture. You will breathe salubrious mountain air and wonder at the grandeur of the gratifying Himalayas forming an imposing backdrop as you land on the airstrip of Lukla Airport.

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After a refreshing and sense-awakening break at Lukla, the comfortable ride through the awe-inspiring Khumbu region continues and hovers towards Everest Base Camp. While overflying Everest, you’ll find yourself in the vastness of endless glittering white with the rocky and icy landscapes all around. After 20-25 minutes of heli-flight over the Khumbu glacier and the Everest Base Camp, you’ll land midway to Kala Patthar viewpoint, the 5455-m landmark on the South ridge of Pumori.

Stopping the chopper at fascinating Kala Patthar, you’ll be rewarded with the mind-blowing vistas of Everest massifs as you explore their flawless beauty just close to your eyes. Kala Patthar presents a visual feast for your senses with the 360-degree panoramic views of Mt. Everest (locally Sagarmatha) and several other Himalayan hulks like Ama Dablam, Mt. Pumori, and Nuptse-Lhotse-Lola peaks, etc. You can click pictures and videos at this magnificent viewpoint with a glorious close-up view of Mount Everest, creating an unforgettable memory for a lifetime

After relishing the incredible sight of majestic snow-capped mountains, you’ll be on the flight back to Kathmandu, but not before landing at the iconic Everest View Hotel near Syangboche. Soak the mountain atmosphere with a sip of coffee at the world’s highest-placed hotel and experience the Himalayan hospitality which is genuine and heart-melting.

The return journey begins after a 30-minute heart-filling breakfast at a high-altitude setting and makes a final stop at Lukla for refueling. After taking you over the Khumbu Glacier and Tengboche Monastery, the helicopter flies towards Kathmandu, giving you the final sight of remarkable mountain cinematics before verdant rolling hills and lush landscapes start becoming more apparent. 

 Trip highlights:

  • Get an authentic Himalayan experience with the most scenic mountain vistas in the world
  • Soak in the unrivaled elegance of snow-capped Himalayas including Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, etc.
  • Sneak a peek into the Himalayan way of life and incorporate Sherpa culture into the heart
  • Make an instant connection to mighty mountains and create long-lasting memories in the lap of the Himalayas
  • Sense of accomplishment in reaching gateway to the world’s highest point-Mt. Everest
  • Have breakfast in Hotel Everest View; an ideal location to satisfy your cravings; both physical and spiritual, in a high-altitude setting with heart-warming hospitality
  • Bird-eye view of lush landscapes, green farm fields, icefalls, glaciers, highland Sherpa villages, and ultimately Everest and adjoining giant peaks

Short itinerary:

The 4 or 5-hour Everest Base Camp heli-tour departs in the morning, usually between 6:30 am and 7 am. Although the exact mountain flight timing varies according to weather, air traffic, and others, the standard flight itinerary is scheduled as:

6: 30 am: Meet up at Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal, flight briefing, and make necessary preparations for a scheduled helicopter flight to EBC

7:00 am-8:00 am: Fly to Lukla (2,820m above sea level), you’ll be treated to a whole new experience as you relish gorgeous vistas of rolling hills, pristine countryside, lush forest landscapes, etc.

8:00 am-8:15 am: Landing at Tenzing-Hillary Airport for refueling, the first stop point on this tour

8:15 am-8:30 am: Flying to Kala Patthar (5,545m ft. above sea level), the best vantage point in the Everest region

8:30 am-8:45 am: Stopover at Kala Patthar (note: landing at 5545-m high Kala Patthar can’t exceed more than 15 minutes due to the possibility of altitude sickness and windy environment

8:45 am-9:00 am: Fly to Syangboche (for a delicious breakfast at the world’s highest-situated hotel)

9:00 am-9:30 am: Satisfy your appetite at the 13000ft-situated Everest View Hotel while admiring the fairytale-like beauty of Mount Everest and other giant peaks

9:30 am-10:00 am: Fly to Lukla for refueling

10:00 am-11:00 am: Fly back to Kathmandu Airport, bidding goodbye to the awe-inspiring Everest Region

11:00 am onwards: Transfer to hotel in a private transport

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour: Who is it for?

Mount Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is a must-do activity for everyone who wishes to experience mountain wilderness and explore the hidden paradise of the Himalayas in a committed time frame. Although trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a sought-after fixture of every adventure junky’s bucket list, it is a rigorous undertaking that pushes your body out of its comfort zone and involves an uphill and downhill march on the entire route.

EBC heli-tour scraps the long-walking trail and offers mesmerizing flight over the giant Himalayas in a precise period of time. If you are down to crunch time and seek to eliminate the hassle of making uphill hikes, yet wish to take an adrenaline shot of coming face-to-face with towering mountains, the EBC helicopter tour is the best option for you.

You won’t have to walk winding trails with lots of twists and turns, nor does it take multi-days to reach the final line on the base of Mount Everest. Mount Everest Base Camp tour by helicopter is an incredible, comfortable, and the most luxurious way to take you over the magical Himalayas in a short time period. It saves your time, and energy, and offers you the superior mountain experience that brings happiness upon reminiscence.

How to book the Everest Base Camp heli-tour?

Booking a helicopter for an unforgettable and phenomenal flight to Mount Everest Base Camp is easy and hassle-free. There are several helicopter tour companies in Nepal specializing in Everest Region heli-packages.

You can book a helicopter from any helicopter service-providing companies on a charter basis through the website. You can first make an inquiry for the tour details via email or phone. Go to the booking page of the selected helicopter company and fill out your details including name, address, phone number, date of departure, number of persons, etc. While booking the Everest Base Camp heli-tour, you must provide a copy of your passport and give accurate weight details as well. Based on passenger weight details, the helicopter company will split the group into different shuttles with proper weight distribution to ensure safety.

A group of 1 to 3 people can directly book flights that operate on a daily fixed departure basis throughout the main season while a group size of 4-5 people can make bookings through the customization section of the service-offering company’s website.

Cost of Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

You can book an EBC helicopter tour individually or in groups. If you are a solo traveler, you can book the trip on a ride-sharing basis with others by emailing your preferred date and time. The helicopter can accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers, and the trip can cost around $1100-$1300 each in a sharing of 5 pax. Helicopter companies in Nepal don’t won’t charge any hidden fees and disclose the payment for the trip beforehand. The cost usually includes the fee of the helicopter for 4-5 hours, all government taxes, passenger insurance, airport transfer, etc. All personal expenses, and national park permits are excluded.

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