Mountain Flights to take off from Province no. 1

Mountain flight has been started at province number 1. The mountain flight has been started to make it easier for locals as well as for tourists for viewing mountain ranges at Province number 1.

Mount Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu and other ranges can be viewed during the 55 minutes of mountain flight. The flight was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Province number 1, Sher Dhan Rai along with other ministers and high level delegates by taking the flight Saturday morning.

At the post flight program, Minister Rai stated about tourism potential of the province and also state about help to tourism business from such activities. He also stated that development of tourism sector is important for the prosperity of the state.

The state government will be promoting the tourist sector within the region and minister stated that tourism business and employment will be increased. He said that the private sector assistance is necessary for the development of tourism sector in the state and expressed to give continuity for mountain flight.

The mountain flight will be held every Saturday and will cost around 9900 Nrs for Nepali and Indian and around 156 USD for foreigners.

The flight was conducted by Birat Holidays with the help of Yeti Airlines and it is expected to benefit Tourists from neighboring countries of West Bengal, Vihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bangladesh.

Different tourism businessmen and personnel have a view that bringing Indian tourists will flourish the tourism activity rather than local tourists from neighboring districts although they are also equally important.

Previously also mountain fight was conducted from Biratnagar by Yeti Airlines however it couldn’t get continuity.

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