NAC could acquire A320 on wet lease from Himalaya Airlines

NAC could acquire A320 on wet lease from Himalaya Airlines

May 12, 2017

NAC published sealed bid notice for wet lease on 10th May 2017 inviting bids from Leasing Companies, manufacturers, airline operators, owners and banks. The corporation is doing so for wet leasing of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft for a period of 45 days and extendable to 60 days expected to begin from 16th July.

NAC’s Boeing 757 is departing to Singapore for C-Check soon so; they are trying to wet lease one aircraft for well going of regular flight operations. According to the news published on, the corporation has conducted an unofficial meeting with Himalaya Airlines and both the parties are positive on the wet lease agreement.

Himalaya has already agreed to provide one Airbus A320-214 to NAC if new destinations will not be added.

Himalaya Airlines currently has 3 Airbus 320-214 series of narrow-body aircraft in its fleet with two seat configurations that can respectively hold 8 & 150 passengers in its Business and Economy seats. The carrier received its first new Airbus on March 9, 2016, second Airbus on January 31, 2017 and third new airbus on March 31, 2017. Over the coming five years, the airline has a target of acquiring 15 aircrafts to connect Kathmandu with various new destinations in Asia and beyond.

NAC has planned 3 weekly flights each to Bangalore, Delhi and Kuala Lumpur and 4 weekly flights to Doha after arrival of one aircraft (A319/A320/A321) on wet lease.

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