NAC awaits for medical test to appoint pilots

Photo: Nepal Airlines Modern Arc (MA60) ‘9N-AKQ’ at NAC Hangar

NAC awaits for medical test  to appoint pilots


March 10, 2017-Kathmandu

National flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation is in the final phase of recruiting one dozen pilots to boost the flight operations. NAC had announced the vacancy for 20 pilots two months earlier and out of which 11 pilots are at final phase for an appointment.

According to the corporate director and spokesperson of Nepal Airlines Rabindra Shrestha, 11 succeeded pilots will now be medically tested for recruiting and also added that the Airlines have given a week long deadline for the medical test.

According to the vacancy, NAC required 7 captains and 13 chief co-pilots. But only one captain and 10 chief co-pilots had passed the examinations. The successful pilots will be assigned to fly 19-seater “DHC-6” Twin Otter, 17-seater “Y12-e” and 56 –seater “Modern Arc” MA60.

“The addition of new pilots will ease the domestic flights,” said the spokesperson, “Besides this corporation beliefs will be boosted and the normal flight schedules will be enhanced.”

NAC currently has two Twin Otter, Y-12e and MA60 each but lack of pilots has obstructed the aircraft to conduct maximum flights. NAC currently has 27 pilots for domestic flight operation.

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