NAC celebrates 61st anniversary; PM Oli questions management

Honorable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli criticized the current condition of the corporation and questioned management about the reason for lack of succeeding while ta flag carrier marks its 61 years since establishment today.

PM Oli questioned about condition of the corporation while addressing the airlines 61st anniversary and stated that the government will not provide any funding for the corporation under current situation of the corporation.

PM Oli questioned why state owned carrier is in so much loss while other private carriers are making profit. The corporation is in poor financial condition and has incurred around 37 billion loss.

Corporation has loan to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) that it took while purchasing the 2 wide-body airbus A330 series aircraft and the airline has been seeking help from government however, PM Oli stated not to aid the corporation as the government has no trust over the management team.

PM Oli also questioned about grounding of the airlines aircraft and questioned about procurement of wide-body aircraft without finalizing long haul destination and without arrangement of the pilots and crews.

PM Oli also directed to improve management of the corporation and asked to make strategic plans to operate wide-bodies in long haul routes.

If the corporation comes up with solid planning to improve the efficiency, the government will help the airlines otherwise will be brining in strategic partner to run the corporation.

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