NAC Decides To Sell It’s B757 (9N-ACA) Karnali

NAC Decides To Sell It’s B757 (9N-ACA) Karnali

Kathmandu 10 July, 2016

Finally, with the increment in maintenance cost and technical problems on Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) B757-200 aircraft bearing registration 9N-ACA (Karnali), the operation department of the corporation has approved the proposal of sale of “B757 (Karnali) “. The proposal was drafted by the management committee of NAC.

Currently, a 190 seater B757 9N-ACA aircraft aged 30 years. The management committee came to the conclusion of drafting the “sale proposal” when the maintenance cost of 9N-ACA in Singapore was reported to be highly costly. Only the best alternative left for the corporation is to sell its ageing aircraft.

Soon, the corporation would uplift all the necessary formal procedures of selling the aircraft to governmental level. Following the decision of the sale of 9N-ACA, the corporation is all set to purchase two wide bodies aircraft A330-200 within 18 months.

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