NAC dispatched its engineering team to China for Harbin Y-12E type training

Recently, a field-based type training program was going on which was organized by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group in Harbin China.

The training was organized under the collaboration between Chinese Government and the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, manufacturer of Harbin Y-12E aircraft.

Engineering Team from Congo, Uganda, Columbia, Nepal and Coast Arica were attended on the type Training on Harbin, China. From Nepal the Supervisor of the type training is under the Engineering Deputy Director of NAC, Er. Poshak Gnawali.

According to the Training Chief, Er. Poshak Gnawali, the training which was provided by the Harbin Aircraft manufacturer for free of Cost and 10 NAC engineers were able to attend the training on the behalf of Nepal Airlines Corporation. This kind of training will surely help the engineers to familiarize with the corporation aircraft and to ensure the safe operation of Harbin Y-12E in Nepal.

NAC Engineering Team at

The name of the Engineers attending the training are Mr. Poshak Gnawali, Mr. Upendra Poudel, Mr. Dipendra Sen, Mr. Amit KC, Mr. Khem Acharya, Mr. Sohan Maharjan, Mr. Nabin Karki, Mr. Manoj K Shah, Mr. Devendra Pun, Mr. Subas Dangi

The training program was launched in 25th of June and will ended in 27th of July which had total 34 Engineers from the world taking the training.

Er. Gnawali also released the information; the type training will also be supervised by the CAAN’s official on the upcoming week in China.

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