NAC finalizing wet lease agreement of one A319 aircraft with Bhutan Airlines soon

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is in negotiation with Bhutan Airlines to finalize the wet lease agreement of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft. MD of NAC Sugat Ratna Kansakar said, “The deal will be finalized as soon as possible as we are preparing to take the delivery of one A319 aircraft by 16th of July to a maximum of 60 days. Most probably the confirmation will come tomorrow.”

NAC received sealed bid from two companies to wet lease of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft. Bhutan Air and Ukraine’s Star Aviation delivered their interest in providing one of the aircraft to NAC as a wet lease. The bid arrived only after second tender notice as there was none at the first one. As Ukraine’s Star Aviation approached with hefty wet lease agreement so, NAC preferred Bhutan Airlines.

NAC’s two Airbus A320s have been bearing all the flight pressures following the occasional grounding of its Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’. Another vintage Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACA’ is under the process of being auctioned while the ‘9N-ACB’ will depart soon (probably by this month) to Singapore for C-Check. So, the corporation is preparing to wet lease one Airbus A319 from Bhutan Airlines to continue the smooth flow of regular flight operation and release pressure on the Airbus A320s.


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