NAC finally receives bid for wet lease of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft

June 9, 2017

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has been presented with sealed bid from two companies to wet lease of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft. Bhutan Air and Ukraine’s Star Aviation delivered their interest in providing one of the aircraft to NAC as a wet lease. The bid arrived only after second tender notice as there was none at the first one.

NAC’s spokesperson Rabindra Shrestha said, “The two companies have shown interest in providing us with the aircraft for wet lease. Now we are preparing to finalize the bid for which the board meeting will be held soon. The meeting will focus on technical evaluation and will try to appoint the company who offers lower lease charge.”

NAC published sealed bid notice for wet lease on 10th May 2017 inviting bids from Leasing Companies, manufacturers, airline operators, owners and banks but failed to receive any bids. So, the deadline was extended to 7th June 2017.

NAC is expecting to receive delivery by 16th of July 2017. It has planned 3 weekly flights each to Bangalore, Delhi and Kuala Lumpur and 4 weekly flights to Doha after arrival of aircraft on wet lease. NAC’s Boeing 757 will undergo schedule maintenance soon so; they are wet leasing one aircraft for well going of regular flight operations. The corporation currently is operating with two Airbus A320-200s while it is about to auction one of its vintage Boeing 757.


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