NAC Hires New Foreign Pilot For Its Airbus 320 Airbus 320-200SL (9N-AKW)

Airbus 320-200SL (9N-AKW) manufactured by European Aircraft Manufacturer Company, Airbus Inc, which had been bought by Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) is facing scarce of pilots. For the smooth conduction of NAC Airbus320 flight, it requires pilots but at present, NAC has only 3 Nepalese pilots for its A320. NAC had to pay a huge salary to pilot if they hire foreign pilot. As the Nepalese pilots having ratings on Airbus320 are very limited, NAC is facing scarcity of pilots. NAC pays very less salary to Nepalese pilots rather than foreign pilot. So, it gives priority for Nepalese pilots.

NAC had hired a German Instructor Pilot Christop on Tuesday for taking command of its A320. It has been reported that Christop will fly NAC’s A320 for 6 days a week and he will be paid 9000-12000 USD per month. Until he will work for NAC he will be given accommodation in five star hotel. For its new another upcoming A320-200SL, NAC has sent Capt. Sanjay Baidya, Capt. Rajesh Kuswaha, Capt. Rakesh Rana, Capt. Subarna Awale, Capt. Pradeep Raj Bhandari, Capt. Shyam Debaju, Capt. Vijay Lama and Capt.Subash Rijal to France for Co-Pilot training, NAC’s new aircraft Airbus 320 with registration 9N-AKX will be delivered on 2nd of May.

             Within the 10-12 days of arrival of new aircraft, NAC will start its operation. Its first official flight will be to Bangkok or New Delhi. After that, it will conduct its flight to new destinations Dubai, Guangzhou, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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