NAC Japan flights to take couple of months more to initiate

Flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) flight to Japan is now expected to take around 2 months. Meetings between High level delegates from both the countries have been concluded a week ago and flight to Japan in 2 months is almost certain stated NAC assistant spokesperson Nawaraj Koirala.

Previously, flight to Osaka was uncertain as ground handling company at the airport, Cathay Kansai Terminal Service (CKTS) had not allowed permission to the airline. However, with the positive outcome in the meeting, the ground handling issue is almost sorted out.

NAC has also already submitted document to Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) and the airline is also positive about resolving ground handling issue in a week.

Even after resolving ground handling works, the airline will have to wait around 45 days to receive permission for flight as per rule which some time may take around 10-15 days only.

However, after receiving the permission, the airline will still require around a month to conclude work about marketing and other to make flight operation to Japan. Thus, all the work will take around couple of months for making flight to Japan.

The airline will operate 2 weekly flights to Osaka airport and after successful operation to the airport; the airline will make preparation to operate flights to Narita airport.

NAC will also operate 2 weekly flights to Narita airport and the work to take permission for ground handling at the airport is also going on. NAC will also be submitting documents to operate flights to Narita airport soon stated Mr. Koirala.

NAC is also making preparation to operate flight to Guangzhou in China and the airline is in process to renew the ground handling service. The airline is reviewing the document to make flight to China and will send the document and will take around 30 days to receive permission.

NAC is operating international flights with 2 wide-bodies Airbus A330 and 2 narrow-bodies Airbus A320 whereas the Boeing 757 has been retired by the airline. A330s are intended to operate long haul flights so; the corporation is eyeing destinations such as Japan and Korea.

Allotting 400 weekly seats, Nepal and Japan had signed the BASA on February 17, 1993. Before the suspension of the national flag carrier on the route due to lack of aircraft, it used to fly to Osaka via Shanghai till 2008.

The corporation which currently flies to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Hong Kong, Bangkok and India is trying to expand its destinations for which necessary processes have been started.

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