NAC (Nepal Airlines Corporation): Fall into the Pilot Crisis

NAC (Nepal Airlines Corporation): Fall into the Pilot Crisis

Lack of the necessary pilots, the National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation has not been able to fly international flights to its maximum capability. Addition of more fleets, the Corporation has apparently drained out of required pilots and it has directly backward the business of Corporation putting the image even more blurred.

The latest figures provided by the management of the Corporation “to fly the one set of Boeing 757, recently the NAC has 18 pilots and for one set of Airbus A320-200, the Corporation has limited with nine pilots only. However, to fly the one set of Boeing 757 NAC must have at least 14 pilots and 14 Co-Pilots, and tentatively same numbers of pilots and Co-Pilots for the one set of A320, in total 56 pilots acquired to fly the international flight to its maximum capability.

“Lack of the pilots has gradually begun to suffer as big problems,” the Corporation Corporate Director and Spokesman RamHari Sharma Said on Monday, “As per the last record, the Corporation immediately required at least one and half dozen of pilots to fly the international aircraft efficiently.

According to the source, Corporation’s a set of Boeing 757 190 seater series aircraft currently  bear 17 Captains which  is sufficient but they have only one Co-pilot, however they need at least 14 Co-pilots. Similarly, the recently brought one set Airbus A320-200 158 seaters aircraft has been flying by seven Captains and only with two Co-pilots. Flying two large international aircrafts to its maximum capacity only by nine pilots, this is probably the biggest challenging task.

The board of the Corporation has already given the approval to recruit half a dozen of co-pilots for two Boeing 757, “moreover we accordingly upgrading the domestic flight captains to Boeing Co-pilots to meet the standard” Sharma Said, on addition for A320 – 14 Co-Pilots has been  already been trained he added.

Similarly, for A320 required addition of seven captains, the Corporation has already taken the step making the process of hiring five foreign captains. According to an official committee associated, for each foreign pilot they have set the range of salary from 12 thousand to 14 thousand US dollar. Among five, the corporation had already moved ahead with two foreign captains and one of them already been hired for one year imparted testament period.


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