NAC not to sell its only left Boeing 757 9N-ACB immediately

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) sent its Boeing 757 to Malaysia for repair and maintenance in the aim of operating it from coming February.

NAC has sent Boeing to Malaysia a week ago for repairing “thermal blanket” and “c-duct” according to the engineering department.

According to the source, the maintenance of Boeing may cost around NRs 20 crores. The corporation has planned to operate Boeing again stating the engine cycles still remaining. (The engines still can operate for a specified number of take offs and landings) whereas Boeing states that the engines should be sent to Spain for inspecting the engine.

The corporation paid NRs 20 lakhs and appointed Fintech Company of Switzerland for financial evaluation of Boeing.
The second Boeing 757 with 190 seat capacity has flown for 89000 hours till now.

A long time ago, NAC came into operation by targeting Hong Kong army and carrying machine of Nepal army and passengers.

NAC with its Boeing operated flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai and SAARC countries including Maldives, Colombo, Dhaka, Karachi, Myanmar, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai.

At present, NAC operates international flight operation with 5 aircraft (2 Airbus A320, 2 Airbus A330 and a Boeing 757).

Out of two 757, one with registration ‘9N-ACA’ nicknamed Karnali has already been sold to BB Airways. The first Boeing 757 aircraft was sold to Nepalese private career BB Airways in NRs 170 Million few months ago. The aircraft still stays grounded inside premises of TIA with its future unknown. BB Airways had bought the aircraft stating it would use the aircraft to operate international cargo flights but the failure of the company to bring the aircraft back in operation ended the hope for it to fly again. As the result, the aircraft is now waiting to be scrapped after its 3 decades dedicate service to Nepal Airlines.

NAC bought two Boeing 757s in 1987 from an American Company with the purpose of operating long haul and then operated it for more than 30 years. Out of two 757, one with registration ‘9N-ACA’ nicknamed Karnali has already been sold to BB Airways.

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