NAC On Final Set To Operate Upcoming Chinese Aircraft

NAC On Final Set To Operate Upcoming Chinese Aircraft

With the confirmation of addition of remaining one Xian MA-60 and three Harbin Y-12e, Nepal Airlines corporation (NAC) is on final preparation to operate all the upcoming chinese aircraft. Currently, internal homework is being carried out by NAC regarding the operation of chinese aircraft.

As all the four chinese aircraft that was ordered by NAC few years ago have been manufactured , there is no any alternative left for NAC except adding those aircraft on it’s fleet.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Mr. Ananda Prasad Pokhrel, For the welfare of NAC, government has decided to bring all those upcoming chinese aircraft rather than dooming the NAC.

It has also been reported that the report submitted by the team of Vice Secretary Mr. Suresh Acharya of Civil Aviation Ministry is positive for NAC.

“Chinese party has agreed to reduce pilot type-rating cost on it’s chinese aircraft Xian MA-60 and Y-12e from 90,000 USD to 19,000 USD, provision of four instructor pilots for 6 months etc.” claimed Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation.

According to the one of the senior official of NAC, the addition of remaining four chinese aircraft means to increase yearly domestic annual loss of NRS 31 crore to NRS 50-60 crore.This step of government has also been regarded as the conspiracy to destroy the corporation.

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