NAC preparing to operate Harbin Y12e

Nepal Airlines Corporation is set to revive its domestic flight by bringing Harbin Y12e series aircraft into operation.

Airlines’ Instructor Pilot for Harbin y-12e Captain Ang Noori Sherpa has returned and has started operating one of the aircraft for around a week now. The only instructor pilot, Sherpa had previously submitted resignation letter and left for United States of America.

The corporation has recently stated to train 2 of the senior pilot of Harbin Y12e in order to bring the grounded aircraft into operation.

The corporation is planning to start Approved Training Organization (ATO) to train pilots in Nepal.

Pilot Sherpa received Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) certificate from China and provided PPC to other 3 pilots flying Harbin Y-12e however, it has not been renewed thus preventing them to operate the aircraft.

2 of the old captains, Sanjay Bade and Nripendra Bhattrai had to be grounded after Sherpa left as they were unable to fly the aircraft due to lack of renewal of their pilot proficiency check (PPC) by an instructor pilot.

Pilot Uddhab Ghimire on the other hand has been sent for A320 training.
As per the source, NAC’s decision to send Pilot Uddhab Ghimire for career up-gradation has grounded all Y-12e aircraft.

All 4 Harbin Y12e aircraft are grounded at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). 3 Y-12e are grounded since 1st January while one is being grounded for long period due to technical issue.

The Chinese aircrafts have not been beneficial to Nepal Airlines pertaining to domestic market and has been compensating the loss through the profit obtained from international flights.

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