NAC to Resume ‘In Flight Duty-free Service’

National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is resuming the ‘in flight duty-free service’ which means the passengers traveling through the carrier will be able to purchase the goods as gifts within the aircraft before the arrival to the Tribhuvan International Airport.

NAC spokesperson, Mr. Rabindra Shrestha said that the process for company selection to provide goods has been forwarded and interested companies will be able to apply by the next 10 January. The service is dated to be launched within three months. The main priority will be given to duty free and travel companies of Asia and the Middle East, added Shrestha.

The company should be providing service to at least 10 other airlines and should be capable to provide service to 50 million passengers yearly to be eligible to apply.

The company selected will sell the goods, perfume, gift items and make-up items within the corporation’s plane. The goods will be sent by the corporation’s ‘Crew Member’ to the passengers.

According to Shrestha, the service was available several years ago but had to be shut down due to fluctuation and various ups and downs. And the corporation is set to resume it as various international flights provide such facilities.

Shrestha said, “Like other airlines, we too are adding the facility.” The facility will also be available to outgoing passengers. The corporation will provide space in the Tribhuvan International Airport to pack the goods and the deal will be for 5 years.

A Boeing-757 and two Airbus A320s are available for international flights with the corporation. The corporation is in process to purchase two more Wide-body Airbus A330. By 2018, the aim of corporation is to make both the aircraft land in the TIA. Shrestha said that the facility would be available to them also.

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