NAC seeking Chinese pilots for operation of Harbin Y-12e

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), national flag carrier is planning to bring Chinese pilot to operate Harbin Y-12e aircraft. Due to lack of capable pilot in Nepal, NAC has decided to hire Chinese pilot who can communicate in English.

Mr. Saugat Ratna Kansakar, Managing Director for NAC said, “After the shortage of pilots, we are determined towards bringing Chinese pilots for the operation of Harbin Y-12e aircraft.”

As per the information, the discussion was started after the aircraft manufacturing company informed that they have three Chinese pilots available with English communication skills.

Chinese manufactured 2 Y-12E aircraft recently brought by NAC have been grounded from last 8 days following shortage of competent pilots and also due to weak management by the corporations’ administration.

The corporation previously announced that the aircraft won’t fly for minimum of next 10 days.

With these complications, the corporation’s Y-12 series aircraft have not been able to conduct enough flights. However, the corporation has started paperwork with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for the flight operation.

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