NAC seeking Full Appraisal of B757-200 ‘9N-ACB’ Aircraft, Spare Parts & Tools


Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Corporate Department has invited RFP (Request For Proposal) from all registered professional firms/companies for full appraisal of NAC’s Boeing B757-200 aircraft with tail number 9N-ACB, MSN 23863 fitted with RB211-535E4 engines and all the spare parts/tools of B757 Aircraft.

The state owned flag carrier of Nation, NAC has issued a notice on 8th of May, 2018. The definition of the Full Appraisal is in accordance with the latest ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading) standard. The appraiser appointed for this service by the firms/companies must hold ISTAT-accredited credentials, as per NAC.

The complete RFP Envelop with necessary documentation must be submitted to the Corporate Department of NAC at Kantipath, Kathmandu within 21 Days from the date of Published (May 08, 2018). The details about the publication can be fetched from the official website of NAC. RFP sent through airmail and courier will be considered valid. The Proposal send through electronic means of communication fax, email, etc. within the stipulated date will not be accepted, as per the notice. NAC states that the proposal being airmailed/couriered from overseas, arrangement should be made by the proposer to clear Customs and deliver it to the stipulated address within specified date and time.

The proposer’s appointed appraiser must hold ISTAT certified appraiser accreditation and submit the appraiser’s documents verifying the same. Failure to do so shall render the proposal disqualified.  The proposal should include the amount charged for the Full Appraisal of the aircraft and the spare parts/tools at Kathmandu which should be firm and include all the costs related for appraisal including per-diem, travelling, hotel etc. in US Dollars. When NAC makes payment Tax Deductible at Source (TDS) will be deducted, as per the law of land. The present applicable rate of TDS is 10%.

The flag carrier is operating domestic and international flights with its 11 aircraft. 2 Twin-Otter (DHC-6), 2 MA 60 and 4 Y12e operates for domestic sector whereas 1 Boeing 757 and 2 Airbus A320s operate international flights to 7 destinations around the world. NAC who has plans to increase fleet size is nearing to take the delivery of two A330-200 wide-body aircraft that will serve the industry with its long-distance flights to Korea, Japan and Australia.

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