NAC to operate 3 daily flights to Delhi

Flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is going to increase flight frequency to Delhi sector. The corporation is on final preparations to operate 3 daily flights in the sector.

The airline currently operates 2 daily flights between Kathmandu and Delhi.

The demand for flights to Delhi has been increasing after the closure of Jet Airways. The corporation has been operating 14 flights weekly to Delhi from 11 weekly flights after the Jet Airways, suspended all its flights.

The corporation has been operating flights with its narrow-body as well as wide-body Airbus aircraft.

The corporation is set to add flight in future and the corporation also stated that they have received a slot to add flights.

The corporation will also proceed to increase flights to Dubai afterward. The corporation is operating 3 weekly flights to Dubai.

The corporation has been operating flights to Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Doha in the international sector with its 4 Airbus aircraft and the corporation can add flights to those sectors to increase flight.

NAC had also prepared to commence flights to Japan from early June however, the corporation has now postponed the flights till end of August or early September due to very low bookings rate contradicting to the expectation of the management.

The corporation is also waiting for flight approval from China to operate flights to Guangzhou Baiyun International airport.

The corporation is also preparing to operate flights to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and in Seoul, South Korea.

Currently, the corporation has 2 wide-bodies Airbus A330, 2 narrow-body A320 series aircraft for international operation. The corporation is set to sell the only remaining Boeing 757 series aircraft from its fleet.

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