NAC to operate all its aircraft in domestic sector in full capacity

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), national flag carrier is preparing to operate domestic flight services with its all aircraft with full potential.

The corporation has been preparing to operate its all aircraft which are grounded for maintenance and repair and due to lack of adequate pilots within a month.

Previously, all media reported a news that all the Chinese aircraft of NAC were grounded due to lack of adequate pilots. Clarifying the news, Nawaraj Koirala, NAC assistant spokesperson stated that some aircraft were grounded due to some defect in engine while some were because of insufficient pilots but all the aircraft will come in operation soon as the corporation has been working on it.

“Some of the Y-12e aircraft will operate within a week whereas rest of the aircraft will also come in operation after managing pilots,” he said.

According to Koirala NAC assistant spokesperson, two out of three pilots took sick leave and one pilot will go to China for proficiency check shortly. After the pilot returns, the flight services through Y-12e aircraft will be conducted from next 15 of the month.

Currently, only 3 twin-otters aircraft have been providing flight services. According to the corporation, one out of 2 MA-60 aircraft is under maintenance and another is in ‘two yearly’ check which will complete very soon.

The corporation has two MA-60, four Y-12e aircraft, three twin-otters for the domestic flights which have been operating in 22 destinations.

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