NAC to retain superiority as it proposes to add two more Airbus’ A320-200

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is planning to purchase two more narrow-body Airbus A320-200 to retain its superiority in the aviation industry of Nepal. The national flag carrier has come up with the decision to strengthen its fleet capacity and flight Standards.The Corporation has also finalized the purchase of two wide-body Airbus A330-200 to continue long haul flight operation for which the technical team from NAC is departing shortly to France for the inspection. The two brand new A330-200 jets are expected to arrive Nepal by the second quarter of 2018.

Topping the list of airlines conducting flights to Nepal and serving maximum passengers, NAC is now aiming to intensify its fleet capacity with the addition of two A320-200. Currently, NAC is conducting its international flight operations with three aircraft. The proposal on the purchase of two A320-200 aircraft has been drafted to the Legislature Parliament of Nepal. NAC will expedite the process of purchasing the aircraft directly from Airbus Company once the Parliament approves the amendment of the purchase rules.

NAC already owns two Airbus A320-200 aircraft currently which are conducting flights to various destinations around the world. The corporation is negotiating directly with the Airbus Company for the purchase as the new public procurement rules allow doing so. Previously, the public procurement rules had declared the purchase must be done through the global tender announcement.

The meeting held between the constitutional representatives at Wednesday suggested NAC to directly negotiate with the manufacturing company for the purchase agreement. The Public Accounts Committee from Legislature Parliament of Nepal conducted the meeting in the presence of Honorable Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jitendra Narayan Dev, Secretary Shankar Prasad Adhikari, NAC’s Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar and other personnel.

Nepal Airlines flew the highest number of passengers in 2016 than any other international airlines. Also, it has secured top position in conducting most flights in 2016. Last year NAC carried 2,53,658 passengers whereas in 2016 it rose up to 3, 84,327. 2257 flights were conducted by NAC in 2015 and the flights increased to 3151 in 2016. The spokesperson of the corporation said that it was possible due to the addition of aircraft. So, NAC flight statistics is expected to expedite further more after the addition of two A320-200.


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