NAC waiting approval from Ministry to wet lease one A319 from Bhutan Airlines

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) whose negotiation with Bhutan Airlines to finalize the wet lease agreement of one Airbus A319 aircraft is now waiting the approval from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to receive a go-ahead.

Some controversies have been arising on the age of the Airbus A319 aircraft as Bhutan Airlines has been operating the A319 for more than 15 years. MD of NAC Sugat Ratna Kansakar said, “As per the regulation of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), an aircraft’s age must not be more than 15 years while purchasing but we are wet leasing the aircraft so, the regulation should not be implemented on us.” The approval from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation will let us wet lease the A319 from Bhutan Airlines, he added.

NAC received sealed bid from two companies to wet lease of one A319/A320/A321 aircraft. Bhutan Air and Ukraine’s Star Aviation delivered their interest in providing one of the aircraft to NAC as a wet lease. The bid arrived only after second tender notice as there was none at the first one. As Ukraine’s Star Aviation approached with hefty wet lease agreement so, NAC preferred Bhutan Airlines.

NAC’s Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ will depart Singapore today for scheduled C-Check which is expected to last for minimum of one month. Another vintage Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACA’ is under the process of being auctioned so, the corporation is preparing to wet lease one Airbus A319 from Bhutan Airlines to continue the smooth flow of regular flight operation and release pressure on the Airbus A320s.

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