NAC’s 2nd Global Tender notice to auction its old Boeing 757 finally attracts a lone bidder

June 15, 2017-KATHMANDU

Nepal Airlines Corporation which recently announced the Global Tender for second time to Auction its Boeing 757-200 Karnali “9N-ACA” Aircraft on May 31st this year has ended on Monday June 12. Previously, NAC had officially conducted an auction for selling the Boeing aircraft on April 10 this year however; NAC’s Boeing 757 aircraft failed to attract even a single bidder but now has received single foreign bid till its end date.

NAC Spokesperson Mr. Rabindra Shrestha, relaxed the information that they have been reviewing the proposal applied by the foreign bidder. The reviewing task may take about a week to assess the proposal noted Mr. Shrestha.

He also added that there might be the possibility of extending the deadline by announcing another Global Tender if the foreign bidder fails to meet the terms, like the offer price as per the condition of a contract in the auction notice.

The national flag carrier has allocated 1.71 million USD as the minimum sale price for 9N-ACA “Karnali”.

The Airline corporation was devoted to attracting the bidders for selling the three-decade-old aircraft but with the single bidder till now clearly shows that there is feeble interest for the old aircraft and now had hardly attracted a Foreign Bidder. The first deadline of the Global tender was already ended on May 24 but NAC did not receive a single bid due to which NAC announced the second global tender on 29th May 2017.

Currently, Nepal Airlines own two Boeing 757 aircraft “Karnali & Gandaki”, one out of which “Gandaki” is on operation whereas the other “Karnali” has been grounded since October 27, 2016, due to engine failure scheduled to be sell via auction.

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