NAC’s grounded Airbus 330 comes back into operation

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s new Airbus A330-243 ‘Annapurna’ with registration ‘9N-ALY’ which was grounded at Doha after a problem in its braking system was indicated to have been back into operation around 6 hours later after the discovery of the fault.

The aircraft landed back to Nepal around 7 hours later than standard time. The aircraft which was scheduled to depart from Doha at 2:50 Am departed only at 10:38 AM and arrived at 5:20 PM which was scheduled to arrive at 10:00 AM according to

The aircraft crew mentioned about an abnormality in the aircraft’s braking system which later Qatar’s engineer detected to be flaws in indicator instead. The engineers then repaired the defects making it air worthy later. The aircraft then made a returning flight to Kathmandu from Doha.

The delay in flight caused problem for around 245 other passengers who were in Kathmandu waiting to travel to Hong Kong from the flight. Later their flights were arranged by another wide-body aircraft ‘Makalu’ disrupting the schedule stated the airlines official.

National flag carrier received its first wide-body aircraft A330-243 ‘Annapurna’ with registration ‘9N-ALY’ on June 28, 2018 that started its commercial operation to Doha from 1st August 2018 and expanded its destination.

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