National Flag carrier to add A-330 wide body every year to its fleet

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Photo: Nepal Airlines Airbus 320-233 ‘9N-AKX’ taxing at TIA, Nepal

National Flag carrier to add A-330 wide body every year to its fleet

7 February, 2017-Kathmandu

NAC has planned to add at least one wide-body jet yearly to its fleet.

MD of NAC Mr. Sugaratna Kansakar had spoken about the plan of national flag carrier’s to add new wide-body jet every year to its fleet through a press meet on Monday. He also added that the airlines had made this plan in response to the criticism made on the purchase of two wide-bodies Airbus A-330 200 aircraft with AR Co-operation of USA.

The airlines are now working on the final agreement on purchase treaty of two wide-body jets with AR after the coordination committee of NAC approved the proposal of buying the aircraft.

The airline has also planned to sigh the purchase contract of two wide-body jets with AR cooperation by Chaitra of next year. Ten trillion and ninety-two billion of Nepalese currency is the tentative cost price of the jet.

The national carrier has also made its plans to add its fleet to Seoul, Tokyo, Dammam and Sydney after the purchase of A 330 wide body jet.

MD Kansakar also added that while tourism industry has always been claimed to be the pancake for national revenue but has been lacking behind on promotion of its aspects to global citizens. So adding wide jets has been considered to be a wise step to increase national treasurer by the tourism experts.

Adding ‘fourteen hundred employees at NAC are confident on to handle the wide jets successfully’ the MD also mentioned that the national carrier is getting the wide body jets at a low price.

After the arrival of the jet, the airline has also planned to add its fleet to European cities via better air traffic which can help the carrier to satisfy air officials at EU nations resulting in uplifting the airline’s service. This wise plan, therefore, will lead to the positive impression of national carrier in front of EASA and ICAO said Kansakar.

Including sixteen seats for business configuration, A-330 200 can onboard two hundred and eighty passengers.

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