National Innovation center of Nepal invents medical drone termed as ‘Medicopter’

National innovation center of Nepal led by social entrepreneur and an activist Mr. Mahabir Pun invented an unmanned Air vehicle (UAV) or simply called Drone which will be used as ‘Medical Drone’. The drone will take make its maiden flight in Myagdi; where Mr. Pun was born.

Pun told that the Medical Drone will be used to transfer excrete samples from people of remote areas to their laboratory. The research center is in final stage of developing 2 such drones with 8 motors that can fly like aircraft. He added that by second half of Baisakh, the test flight will be done in Myagdi and says it might take while to make regular flights.

Pun said that they will cooperate with various ministries to identify such remote areas and then the drones will be used to transport medicine and fly back to airport.

Electricity, electronics and mechanical labor are busy in the lab. The center has also made the idea of electrical vehicles, hydropower projects.

The research center will also construct hydropower which can provide energy of up to 10 megawatt. And income from that will be used for the sustainable development of the center.

The development of such drone will be a great leap in medical as well as aviation sector.

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