NEA MD Kulman Ghising directs to remove wires around Bharatpur Airport

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Managing Director Mr. Kulman Ghising has directed to remove electricity wires around the airport.

Construction of high range building around Airport and addition of open electricity wire lines had resulted in danger to the airport.

MD Ghising was in Bharatpur for checking high-tension line work of Hetauda-Bharatpur electricity line and had discussion with Bharatpur municipality Mayor Renu Dhal about problems.

During the meeting, the problem of the electricity lines at South east side of the airport was stated as the problem for safe flight operation thus MD Ghising directed NEA official at Bharatpur to remove the wires and make them underground.

Bharatpur Airport had been asking to remove the wires to NEA at Bharatpur however, they had not removed the wires stating lack of budget and MD Ghising was unhappy about the work as he had instructed to remove wire long time ago.

Now, the NEA office has stated to underground the wires as soon as possible.

Previously, CAAN had reported at the airport site is in vulnerable state and operating in such situation is not safe.

According to the committee formed to report the physical structure against the airport standards, they found 257 houses built permanently around the airport that has resulted in problem and the danger has been increased as the electricity authority added more than 11,000 KV open wire lines in the area.

The Bharatpur Civil Aviation Authority has recommended the metropolis to demolish parts of high-rise buildings, which has raised concerns among aviation authorities over potential risks they could pose to fight safety around the airport premises.

Recently, the airport had undergone up-gradation work. The airport has undergone work of improving physical infrastructure and management of equipment.

The airport area is also stated to be increased and land belonging to Nepalese Army, near the airport has been proposed to be feasible for airport expansion.

1200 meters long and 30 meters wide runway could be extended by adding 300 meters. After completion of extension work of parking bay, 4 ATR-72 aircraft can be parked at a time. Presently, 4 Beechcraft aircraft can be parked at a time.

Presently, Jetstream 41 aircraft of Yeti airlines, Beechcraft 1900C aircraft of Simrik Airlines and ATR 42 series aircraft of Buddha Air having regular scheduled flights in Bharatpur airport have been impacted. Daily 15 landings have been recorded at the airport by airlines like Yeti, Buddha and Simrik Airlines.

The airport which started its service since 1961 has been experiencing momentous growth in air traffic these days and the airport has become narrower after significant increase in air traffic, urbanization and lack of sufficient land infrastructure.

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