Negligence of proper scanning of vehicles at TIA
Photo: EOD holding, TIA

Negligence of proper scanning of vehicles at TIA

 February 15, 2017- Kathmandu              

TAMISH GIRI             

 It is found that securities at TIA’s EOD holding gate i.e. Buddha Hangar- Khahare corridor have been neglecting the proper scanning of the vehicles entering the airport province at TIA.

According to our source, we were informed that maximum vehicles entering the airport from the EOD holding corridor are loosely checked at the entry point. Airport authorities rather having the vehicles scanned strictly are just busy noting the arrival and departure of the vehicles.

We were also informed that hundreds of vehicles including bikes, scooters, cars and even trucks penetrate the airport without proper checking in regular basis through the corridor.

Going back to the date December 24, 1999, India airlines flight number IC 814 A-300 was hijacked just after it took off from Kathmandu. The day is also known as the black day for Nepali aviation.

Flight number IC 814 of Indian national flag carrier was scheduled to land in Delhi. But the aircraft was hijacked just after it took off from Kathmandu. Later after the investigation, it clarified that the negligence of improper security checkup at TIA had resulted in the hijack of the aircraft. Indian airlines had canceled all of its flight to TIA after the incident occurred and Civil Aviation Authorities in India had also fired all of the Nepali workers from their duties in the airport.

Also analyzing the current ongoing gold smuggle scandal at TIA which also has been resulted due to the improper security check up at Sinamangal NAC oil depot corridor reveals the Nepal Polices investigation.

Charles Sobraj an Italian serial killer marking the negligence of TIA security had claimed that one can even easily smuggle an elephant through the Nepali international airport.

So, if the security authority of TIA still continues to neglect security concerned as mentioned above then the day may not be that far for major incidents like the terrorist attack to occur at TIA resulting in the destruction of the only international airport in the country.

At one hand EU has blacklisted Nepal’s aviation industry raptly doubting the security concern and airport security authorities at the other hand have still been examined to be neglecting the proper checkups and other security responsibilities can be the major concern for deterioration of Nepal’s aviation.

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