Nepal Airlines A330 flying to Wuhan for the rescue of Nepali citizens

Kathmandu, ANN

National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines is preparing to fly to Wuhan, the main city of Novel Corona Virus outbreak, tomorrow. After a long wait, the Nepalese citizens residing in the locked down city of China in a miserable condition would finally be brought back to Nepal with this step of government to fetch the citizens using the national flag carrier flight. An Airbus A330 aircraft will be used for the flight to rescue around 180 Nepali citizens residing near vicinity of Wuhan.

A crew set has been prepared for the special flight to China which needs to be completed in a very special way. Altogether 3 pilots, 6 cabin crew and flight engineers will board the aircraft. The set of crew have been provided specialized training for the prevention of the Corona Virus while fetching back the passengers. The training was conducted by the ministry of health and safety demonstrations have been provided already with the emergency drills too.

Probably the first Airbus A330 of Nepal Airlines ‘9N-ALY’ Annapurna will be flying to China Tomorrow. The aircraft has been scheduled to depart from Kathmandu at 2:45 PM. The aircraft will land in Nepal with the passengers the next day Sunday. The rescued passengers will be the put into supervision for 2 weeks in an isolation center fixed by the government of Nepal. The aircraft will also be isolated and be grounded for 48 hours for sanitization and disinfecting.

The flag carrier will provide free travel for the passengers of this rescue flight. The citizens in China have been desperately waiting for them to be rescued back at any cost. The whole Wuhan city has been locked down amidst the Coronavirus spread which has already killed more than 1000 victims by now in China.

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