Nepal Airlines A330 to fly china to carry essential health supplies.

On May 10, a wide-body A330 aircraft owned by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) will fly to Beijing, China’s capital, to carry essential health supplies.

The corporation said it plans a wide-body flight to Beijing to transport oxygen cylinders and ventilators donated by the Chinese government.

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Nepal Airlines NAC Airbus A330 '9N-ALY'-aviationnepal
Nepal Airlines NAC Airbus A330 ‘9N-ALY’-aviationnepal

The wide-body aircraft will bring 400 oxygen cylinders and 20 ventilators from China to Nepal. For this purpose, the corporation’s wide-body aircraft will depart Beijing at 11:30 am on Monday and land at Tribhuvan International Airport at 2:35 pm the next day.

According to Dimprakash Poudel, the corporation’s general manager, the corporation is preparing to send a wide-body aircraft to China to receive medical equipment, including oxygen cylinders, in response to the Ministry of Health and Population’s appeal.

“The Ministry of Health has written to the Ministry of Finance requesting that medical supplies be brought in from China.

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