Nepal Airlines Airbus 320 grounded due to flat wheel

Nepal Airlines Airbus 320 grounded due to flat wheel

August 30, 2016 –Anurup Pathak, Kathmadu

Nepal Airlines Corporation’s Airbus 320 aircraft with registration 9N-AKW has been grounded at Tribhuvan International Airport after having a tire burst during landing, each tire of this category of Airbus 320 costs around two Million Nepali Rupees.

 The flight was landing at runway of TIA outbound from Hong Kong. As the result of being grounded further flights of the aircraft to Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai was canceled for that day. This incident has left the tire totally unable.

NAC Airbus 320 Sagarmatha Tight wheel burst.

According to the source, one of the two tires from right side of fuselage got burst on the runway at the time of landing. The burst of tire was reported by the ground staff while putting the chocks in the wheels of aircraft. All passengers had safely exited the aircraft and were unaware about the incident.

Nepal Airlines burrowed a spare wheel from Himalaya Airline, a private airliner yesterday but still the flight could not be resumed. The flight will take off from ground only after proper verifications and inspections of the engineers said the source.

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